Welcome to Our New Website!

We are now the Clarksdale Area Fuller Center for Housing!

Thanks to the generosity and technical wizardry (at least to my Neanderthalic eyes) of Isaac Freund, we now have a forum to inform, enlighten, and encourage each other, as we pursue CAFCH’s vision for partnering with local folks and outside volunteers in addressing problems with substandard housing and deeper issues of racial reconciliation in the Mississippi Delta. We would like for this website to feature offerings from all of our constituents: homeowners, board members, donors, volunteers, and other parties willing to invest in the CAFCH mission. Eventually, we will be including pictures, donor information, and opportunities for service, as we (Isaac) has the chance to continue his fine work. Please send any contributions to or suggestions for the website to my email (bill@clarksdalefullercenter.org) so we can consider how to best include them.

Bill Sutton

CAFCH Chief of Operations

Our Affiliate

The Clarkdale Fuller Center works on alleviating substandard housing in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

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Sweat Equity

Only a small down payment is asked of partner families, for few low-income families can afford more. Instead, future habitat homeowners contribute sweat equity.

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Discover what you can do to help out. Our volunteers play a major role in improving and transforming neighborhoods and lives.

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Welcome to Our New Website!



On June 4, 2022, a contingent of bad bikers descended on Clarksdale. The "wild ones" were actually part of a Fuller Center program called Bicycling Adventure. This particular group was on its way from the Gulf of Mexico to Lake Erie, stopping regularly to meet and build with various Fuller covenant partners, and it was our good fortune that they arrived in Clarksdale on a weekend. Read More ›

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