Chyna Sykes graduates from Clarksdale High School and Bertha Stewart wins landscaping recognition!

In May 2019, Chyna Sykes graduated from Clarksdale High School. It seems impossible to believe—so many of us remember the sweet little girl, with her sisters Peaches and Nana, greeting us volunteers so warmly for so many February trips in the 2010s. But she did it and when I saw her grandmother (Habitat homeowner Thelma Sykes) a few days later, she told me, extremely proudly, that Chyna was not only the first in the family to finish high school but that she was going right on to Coahoma Community College to get a nursing degree!

This achievement is a direct result of Chyna’s hard work and the diligent support of her family. But both the proud graduate and her grandmother are willing to share this sense of accomplishment with the entire Habitat community who played with, affirmed, and watched Chyna and her sisters grow from little girls to young women, with Peaches due to graduate next May and Nana in the year after that.

In other news, Habitat homeowner Bertha Stewart was designated winner of the coveted “Clarksdale Yard of the Month” Award. If you have ever noticed Bertha’s landscaping prowess (right across Jefferson St. just east of the dorm), you would understand why she won—it is a stunningly beautiful accomplishment of which Bertha is rightly proud. Our congratulations to both of these stalwarts of the CAHFH community!