news – 6/10/2019


News While we await the arrival of three more groups from the beautiful parish of St. Francis Xavier parish, we (the royal we) feel compelled to ask for financial help again. Now that the summer has arrived and the dreaded phenomenon known as “dweltering” (sweltering in the Delta heat) is upon us, a number of our homeowners have been reporting problems with their cooling units. Read More ›

news – 6/9/2019


News At the end of May, CAHFH had an unexpected opportunity to host a small group from St. Benedict’s Academy, Newark NJ on an extended “field trip” through the South, studying Civil Rights history and visiting significant historical sites related to that history. Last week, we also welcomed a group of our long-time volunteer allies from St. Dennis Catholic Church in Lockport, IL. Read More ›

news – 5/9/2019


News There is something primal about the Delta, for good and for ill—there’s an ineffable and unmediated energy that permeates the place and attracts people from all walks of life and from all manner of places. The Delta is alive with light and darkness, exuding hints of holiness as well as deep undercurrents of unhappiness. It is, after all, the well-documented birthplace of the blues as well as the inspirational home of gospel music. Read More ›

news – 5/4/2019

Potlucks and More

News One of the challenges of righting the CAHFH ship has been to revitalize life-giving interactions between the homeowners and other community members and the out-of-town volunteers. While this dynamic had been an integral part of the Habitat experience over the years, an unfortunate disconnect had gradually developed. One way to address that issue was to work at resurrecting the potluck experience. Read More ›

news – 5/1/2019

The House on Bolivar

News In January, CAHFH was forced to foreclose on a property. It was the first time in years that the organization had had to take such a drastic step, and those events are always tragic—obviously for the foreclosed-upon, who undoubtedly need no further trauma in their lives, but also for the entire organization. Nobody gets into Habitat work so they can come down on the disadvantaged and any such action is just wretched. Read More ›